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Coastal Dream, Ultimate Relaxation in Victoria BC 

Coastal Dream -  3-night stay in Victoria, BC

The ultimate restorative retreat!


Vancouver Island’s serene beauty is on full display with the Coastal Dream Experience. Rejuvenate and refresh your soul at a sumptuous seaside resort featuring accessible mineral pools overlooking the Salish Sea. Explore the island’s flavours, history and get to know the locals, capped with a seafaring learning and adventure experience. 

Perfect for romantic vacations, wellness retreats and connecting with friends and family, the Coastal Dream experience is customisable, designed for 2-12 persons and available year-round.


Explore Vancouver Island, immerse your soul in ocean breezes, adventure and awe inspiring natural splendour. Options for this exercise in relaxation include:

  • Sumptuous comfort at a renowned oceanside resort

  • Chauffeured accessible mini-bus or self-drive standard vehicle options

  • Educational whale and wildlife viewing 

  • Accessible beach chairs and bike rentals*

  • Self-guided trekking, water sports and biking*

  • Custom knitwear experience with a local indigenous artisan

  • Seaside spa rejuvenation

  • Tasty culinary recommendations for the dietarily restricted traveller

  • Accessible trail recommendations

  • Ferry reservations

Departures: now accepting reservations for 2022-2023

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Whale and wildlife experience may be subject to cancellation in the event of unsafe or inclement weather conditions not conducive to an ocean faring experience. In the rare event that this experience is cancelled, the cost for this excursion will be refunded. 

*Adaptive recreational equipment rentals facilitating access to Vancouver Island's natural spaces are offered in partnership with RAD Recreation Adaptive Society. Subject to availability, pick up and returns are only available in British Columbia. Please share your equipment needs with Travel Captain Hanne at the time of booking.

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