SoulFly Experiences develops in-house travel experiences, and offers a range of partnership and contract services. There are three basic types of customer relationship available, each includes assessment services.   


Basic Partnership 


  • Applies to the development of SoulFly Experiences packaged experience programs only

  • Includes a one-time assessment of product and service delivery. Assessment may be conducted onsite or virtually, as convenient for SoulFly Experiences 

    • Assessee is responsible for any and all costs incurred during the assessment process

  • Participant receives a completed assessment report with recommendations

  • Participant agrees to meet SoulFly Experiences standards and make any required service delivery or infrastructure changes and uphold these standards

  • Certification of universal accessibility is awarded on the achievement of Basic or Gold standards, as applicable


Full Partnership 


  • Commercial partnerships may include joint marketing, sales, product development,  and require the Partner’s commitment to the consistent delivery of universally accessible services


  • Includes comprehensive onsite assessment of product/service delivery,  and communications (website, customer documents, etc). Assessments of the Partner’s workplace for access barriers is also available. 

    • Partner is responsible for any and all costs incurred during the assessment process

  • Full partnership is awarded on the achievement of SoulFly Experiences’ Gold certification standards (where applicable)

  • Ongoing development of universally accessible products and services 

  • Fees and/or contra arrangements apply, as determined by the work scope required for the assessment process, as well as the level of ongoing support required


Contract Assessment & Development Services


  • Available for Canadian tourism and travel companies, destination management organizations, indigenous communities and organizations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations only

  • Services available:

    • Accessibility assessments

      • Onsite 

      • Virtual

    • Product development

    • Team training

  • Scope of contracted service is determined by the operator/company (full operation, or select service areas, product development, etc.)

  • Fees apply based the scope of work and project timelines

  • Certification for universal accessibility is not (usually) awarded


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Consulting services for Soulfly Experiences are provided by SoulFlight Consulting Group.

Nicole & Tanelle Soulfly Team in the park