Team SoulFly

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Partner-Innovation & Development



Cofounder of TREK2TUK4KIDS, founder of Canadian travel industry charity event Long Night, inclusive travel advocate with 20+ years experience in passenger aviation sales and marketing, and global market development.

"Travel has incredible transformative power. Each new experience feeds the soul, brings us together,  expands our universe and makes the world smaller"  



Partner-Accessibility & Community



Barrier free design and recreation consultant, founder of RAD Recreation Adapted Society, Team Canada Golf member, interior designer, accessible recreation activist and motivational speaker.

“I want everyone to travel safely and worry free. Nothing broken or left behind”
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Partner-Distribution & Marketing



Leading our website development and distribution. Jason helps us deliver with his passion for travel and 30 years of related sales and marketing experience.  

"Travelling tugs at your heart strings, and leaves you with a lasting longing to return and experience it all again! ”


Travel Captain



Hanne is an experienced travel agent who is passionate about out-of-the-ordinary experiences.  Hanne is your go-to for reservations, service and support.

“Maybe not everyone would be keen to convert a school bus into a tiny house, but why not step out of your comfort zone and try something adventurous?”


The Ambassador



Professional guide, revered Gwitch’in and Inuvaluit elder, bard, storyteller and veteran RCMP officer. We are honoured to have Gerry support SoulFly Experiences programs and youth initiatives in our home community of Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. 

"Right on, and safe travels, Iluatun iglauyumauhi."