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To enrich the lives of travellers, and benefit host communities with inclusive, transformational, barrier-free tourism, local experiences and adventures.

Tanelle and a young person lean towards each other and smile at the camera as they recreate outside

Heart & Soul

Core Values

  • Inclusion

  • Equality

  • Adaptability

  • Persistence

  • Transformation

  • Wellness

  • Vision

  • Joy

Image of a man enjoying a trail ride on an adaptive bike, he's in a forest


SoulFly Experiences packages include 24/7  travel support.

All experiences are authentic, and delivered by Canadian operators  committed to inclusion.


Supporting local businesses and craftspeople, your travel experience directly contributes to community-driven tourism development and economic opportunities.

Tanelle sits in her wheelchair on a boardwalk overlooking Victoria's inner harbour


We are committed to the health and safety of our guests, host partners, and communities. Health and safety measures are strictly observed during all experiences.


Guests are required to follow community and operator imposed health and safety guidelines.

These measures may include vaccine requirements and masking protocols.


Extra precautions may be required during experiences in remote and indigenous communities for their safety.  The understanding and cooperation of our guests is appreciated.


Please be prepared to mask and comply with changing regulations and protocols. 

Be safe and have a fly time!

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