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Let Your Soul Fly!

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What is 
SoulFly Experiences?

We've got you!

SoulFly Experiences  was founded on the belief that universal access is a human right.  

Let your soul fly with inclusive barrier-free travel packages and a-la-carte experiences.


SoulFly Experiences travel programs celebrate Canada's richness and diversity. Each experience has been curated to be accessible, culturally respectful, safe, authentic, and sustainable; and must have a positive impact on both traveller and host communities. 

All SoulFly Experiences packages can be customized to suit the needs of an individual traveller or group.  

With 24/7 travel support included, you can relax, and let your soul fly!


Travel Barrier-free 

Important Traveller Information

While every effort has been made to remove barriers, we recognize that there is no truly universal definition of accessibility, and that needs are specific to each individual.


Each experience has been vetted to be accessible for most travellers, including persons with  limited mobility, blind/limited vision, deaf/limited hearing, neurodivergence and dietary restrictions. 


Travellers must be self-reliant or arrange for the necessary support, Guests must be self-reliant to reserve any experience as an individual. The option to secure personal support services for individual guests with mobility and/or cognitive needs may be available, please inquire at time of booking.


SoulFly Experiences operator partners are committed to supporting the experiences of persons with PTSI, and neurodivergence, including cognitive or intellectual impairments.


Think we missed something or have suggestions? Send us a message, we’d love to hear from you!

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Experiences for Fly Souls!

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SoulFly Experiences is a proud supporter of Trek2Tuk4Kids, a volunteer-run fundraiser promoting community wellness directly benefiting the youth of Tuktoyaktuk, and Inuvik (our home). Both Western Arctic communities are located in Northwest Territories, Canada. 100% of Trek2Tuk4Kids proceeds fund the Beaufort Delta Educational Council's Wellness Fund for students of Inuvik East 3 School and Tuktoyaktuk Mangilaluk K-12 School.

A percentage of each SoulFly Experience package is donated to Trek2Tuk4Kids. Guests are welcome and encouraged to add to this contribution. 

Community Investment

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