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Team SoulFly



Managing Partner


Cofounder of regenerative tourism event TREK2TUK4KIDS, founder of Canadian travel industry charity event Long Night, SoulFlight Consulting Group CEO, and  inclusive travel advocate experienced in aviation sales, marketing, partnerships and business development.

Image of co-founder Nicole Petersen smiling, standing in a garden

"The transformative power of travel is inspiring. Travel done well feeds our soul, brings us together, shifts our perspective, makes the world smaller and expands our universe."  



Partner-Sales & Marketing

A near professional traveller, Fiona has visited over a 100 countries and is a passionate ambassador for travel in Canada. She brings her special sauce to creating content  and crafting magical experiences, 


"I love connecting travellers to the natural beauty of Canada, it sparks life and creativity all around. New people and a new environment is my recharge, so it's pretty exciting to share that with others."


Partner-Accessibility & Community



Sonja is a professional accessibility specialist, seasoned traveler and sportswoman. Sonja has been inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame, is a three time Paralympic Gold medallist curler and even has her own stamp. 

Grand Forks Oct 2021 Fresh Tracks_edited.jpg

“I am proud to support the tourism industry stakeholders throughout Canada, in creating and promoting accessible and inclusive services, products and experiences for persons of all abilities, 


Travel Support & Service Specialist


Passionate about delivering awesome experiences with excellent service, Fernanda has the know-how and skills to help you plan a trip that's not only memorable, it's soul-stirring!


It's so fulfilling being in the travel industry

as traveling is not just a journey:

It is a life-changing experience that embraces the beauty

and opens our hearts to the power of love, inclusivity and understanding.


The Ambassador  




Professional guide, revered Gwitch’in and Inuvaluit elder, bard, storyteller and veteran RCMP officer. We are honoured to have Gerry support SoulFly Experiences programs and youth initiatives in our home community of Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. 

Gerry looks off into the distance, he is outside wearing an anorak

"Right on, and safe travels, Iluatun iglauyumauhi."

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