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Unplug & Explore your wild side in Canada's Yukon 

Discover a world of endless landscapes, towering mountains, raging rivers and brilliant skies. The home and traditional territory of 14 First Nations, the culture of this Northern Territory is rich, and varied with stories and living traditions that span millennia. This experience features outdoor adventure, cultural immersion, history, and incredible wilderness adventures. 


Yukon rewards the intrepid explorer with unique experiences that amaze and inspire.

The 'Unplug & Go Wild' experience is customisable, can last 2-14 days and is designed for 2-12 persons.

Explore Yukon's incredible wild, open spaces, vibrant cultures, burgeoning culinary scene and fill your soul. SoulFly's Yukon program offers a diverse array of authentic northern experiences including:

  • Accommodation in downtown Whitehorse

  • Chauffeured accessible van or self-drive standard-vehicle options

  • Accessible (and spectacular) nature access

  • Hands-on glass blowing experiences at the warmest spot in the north

  • Crafting workshops and/or bespoke custom experiences with local indigenous artisans 

  • Nordic spa relaxation

  • Tasty dining recommendations for the dietarily restricted traveller

  • Taste the Yukon with brewery tours and private tasting experiences, or enjoy a

  • Sober travel experience


Departures: This wild experience is available all year!

IMPORTANT Accessibility Information:

All experiences are designed to accommodate travellers with limited mobility, deafness/limited hearing, blindness/limited vision, neurodivergence, and dietary restrictions. However we appreciate that accessibility needs vary, our travel expert will work with you to ensure a safe and equal adventure. 

Unplug and explore Canada's wild side!

*All SoulFly Experiences packages include a $100 charitable donation to support local community development

PRICES FROM $735 p/p
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