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Get ready to dig deep and find inner peace. Or at least to kick off regular life and fill the days with play. Your low-key and fully accessible private lakeside cabin will host memories that last a lifetime. Take in local wine culture and explore the area with knowledgable locals with hosted (wheelchair accessible) tours. 


This camp resort features private cabins, offers lake access, and is connected to local trails. For groups of experiencers that include travellers with limited mobility, a TrailRider is available to support inclusive outdoor recreation. 

The 'Lake Cabin Retreat' experience is customisable, and includes a 3+ night stay, and is designed for 2-12 persons.


This self-guided experience  includes:

  • Your own private rustic lakeside cabin 

  • Transfers to/from Kelowna airport

  • Your choice of tours that include wineries, local sightseeing, nature and culture

  • Accessible (and spectacular) nature access

  • All-season outdoor recreation

  • Tasty local dining recommendations (including for the dietarily restricted traveller)

  • Visit local ciders, local breweries and distilleries linked by accessible pedestrian paths, or enjoy a

  • Sober travel experience


A very well stocked private cabin escape from $890 per guest

Pricing is double-occupancy with shared accommodation

Departures: This chillaxing experience is seasonal, available June-September. 

IMPORTANT Accessibility Information:

All experiences are designed to accommodate travellers with limited mobility, deafness/limited hearing, blindness/limited vision, neurodivergence, and dietary restrictions. However we appreciate that accessibility needs vary, our travel expert will work with you to ensure a safe and equal adventure. 

Economic Access: This family-friendly lakeside holiday is affordable fun for everyone!

Reconnect with the ones you love!

*All SoulFly Experiences packages include a $100 charitable donation to support local community development

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