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Métis Cultural Immersion for the Soul 


Driving into the rolling hills around Smoky Lake is a gentle experience. Colourful trees sway along the side of the road and the North Saskatchewan River meanders right up to the edge of the Métis Crossing property. You may catch sight of bison by day and if you're lucky, Northern Lights by night (dependent on time of year).

This unique 600 acre property has accommodation options that inspire visitors to truly experience life on the land. A lodge featuring traditional craftsmanship with modern materials hints at the building style of the fur trade era. Rooms are incredibly spacious and offer river lot views, once a gathering spot for Métis ancestors.


The alternate Sky Dome accommodation is a short walk from the lodge, yet offers an experience for the senses. Listen to the trees shimmering in the wind and coyotes howl in the distance before curling up in your cozy bed and star gazing into a deep slumber. With nearly zero light pollution it's an experience to truly make the soul fly.

The Métis culture rewards curious visitors with an historical insight and a Canadian perspective unique to their European and First Nations roots. With design features, an onsite museum, local menu options, crafting workshops, tours and experiences, welcoming staff and even a giftshop showcasing artisans from the area, the Métis experience will leave you with memories for a lifetime.

The 'Métis Footsteps' cultural immersion program is customisable, can last 2-7 days and is designed for 2-25 persons. There is a diverse array of authentic Métis experiences including:

  • Accommodation in a lodge, skydome or even glamping in a traditional trappers tent

  • Self-drive standard-vehicle and chauffeured wheelchair accessible van service options from Edmonton

  • Accessible (and spectacular) nature immersion

  • Meet legendary Métis heritage animal species on the Wildlife Tour 

  • Crafting workshops, create  your own Capote (traditional winter coat) or Moccasins guided by a local Knowledge Holder 

  • Enjoy a campfire, search for star trails and listen to local folklore with a Métis interpreter 

  • Indigenous inspired cuisine 

  • The magic of the fiddle and learn a few jigging steps 

  • Practice your archery skills, and discover the diversity of plants and animals that call Métis Crossing home

Enjoy a very fly experience from $678 per guest.

Pricing is double-occupancy with shared accommodation

Departures: This Metis immersion is available year-round! Experiences within the package are also seasonal, so there could be an opportunity to cross country ski one trip and paddle in a canoe the next  

Join the special 'Soulful Skies' getaway scheduled for May 25-27, 2024 and enjoy storytelling, wildlife tour, a vegan hunt, creation experiences and more, all with like-minded souls.

IMPORTANT Accessibility Information:

All experiences are designed to accommodate travellers with limited mobility, deafness/limited hearing, blindness/limited vision, neurodivergence, and dietary restrictions. However we appreciate that accessibility needs vary, our travel expert will work with you to ensure a safe and equal adventure. 

Economic Access: Everyone deserves access to high-value cultural experiences that enrich their soul. At SoulFly Experiences we aim. to deliver affordable and impactful culture and travel experiences for every soul. 

*All SoulFly Experiences packages include a $100 charitable donation to support local community devel

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